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Home Banking Alerts

You may set up notification email alerts in Home Banking. Stay in the know by checking them out today.

VISA Alerts

Enroll in VISA Alerts and get real time alerts whenever you pay with your VISA debit or credit card.


If you plan on using your MOVFCU debit or credit card while traveling outside of the US, be sure to contact us by phone or to avoid disruptions.


Review your account through Mobile Banking, Home Banking or Expressline often and check your statements to detect any potential fraudulent activity. Notify us immediately if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

Phishing Scam Alert!

If you receive a call or a text requesting your debit card number, please do not give out your personal information. MOVFCU does not request card, pin, or account information over the phone. Click "More News and Events" below for more info.

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