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Missouri Valley Federal Credit Union (MOVFCU) has been serving members since 1975.

As a credit union, MOVFCU is member owned and oriented. The focus of every employee at MOVFCU is to help you with your financial needs, whatever those might be.

MOVFCU is a not-for-profit credit union. Any income that Missouri Valley makes is used to better its members and the community through higher return rates, lower loan rates, and more!

Plus, we're committed to providing solutions that benefit you! Like our Always Free checking, consumer loan products and so much more...

To ensure proper management of funds, the credit union is governed by a volunteer board of directors and watched by a volunteer supervisor committee.


MOVFCU was chartered in 1975 as CTC Central Region Federal Credit Union serving the employees of Continental Telephone Corporation in several states throughout the Midwest.

In 1984, our name changed to Contel Federal Credit Union and we opened membership up to employees in an additional two states. In 1991, Contel changed to GTE and, as a result, our name changed to GTE Central States Federal Credit Union. Then, in 1994, the board of directors decided to change the charter of our credit union and open membership up to all residents of St. Charles County.

We were then able to serve the entire community in addition to the phone company. In 1995, our name became Missouri Valley Federal Credit Union to reflect our new charter and field of membership.

Effective January 1, 2023, Missouri Valley Federal Credit Union is a division of West Community Credit Union.