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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are a group of volunteers elected to three year terms by the members of Missouri Valley. The board consists of directors who oversee the operations of the credit union. Your current Board of Directors:

  • Pamela Freed – Chairman
  • Joe Kappel – Vice Chairman
  • Julie Wiltse– Secretary
  • Perry Thebeau - Treasurer 
  • Beverly James
  • David Leitman
  • Leah Petras
  • Peggy Sherwin

Supervisory Committee

Our Supervisory Committee is a group of volunteers appointed by the board of directors. The supervisory committee works in conjunction with the board of directors to ensure the credit union's soundness and stability. Your current Supervisory Committee:

  • Beverly James
  • Mark Coil

We are currently seeking volunteers to join the BOD & Supervisory Committee. Committee members are involved in various audits and are vital to the success and safety of the credit union. You are an owner of Missouri Valley, now is your chance to become a leader. Interested? Stop by the credit union for an application, or send us an email: [email protected].