Jenkins Family

Members Since 2011


Since first joining MOVFCU they have exceeded our expectations. Integrity, compassion, and friendliness are just a few attributes of being members.

The staff is always polite and courteous, continuously ensuring that our needs are met.

Last year our taxes were compromised. We contacted MOVFCU immediately and the staff responded quickly ensuring that our account was protected. They offered suggestions such as password protection and notified us of any activity that wasn’t normal for our account.

Most recently we purchased a motorhome, time was of the essence because we had to travel out of town to purchase it. The VP personally handled our loan to make sure there were no delays. WOW! Now that’s service!!!

We can’t imagine banking anywhere else. We are extremely pleased with MOVFCU.

Phyllis G.

Member Since September 2014


My name is Phyllis and I have banked with Missouri Valley FCU since September 2014. I am hearing impaired and though I do speak, I primarily communicate by sign language.

Since opening my account, I have been very impressed with the staff of Missouri Valley FCU. They are always patient and willing to help me with my account and finances.

They take the time to explain and discuss my account. Even Allison, VP of Operations, has taken me into her office to help me, and has even learned sign language to communicate better with me!

I enjoy banking and spending time with the MSR’s at Missouri Valley FCU. They are always helpful and smiling. We may even tease each other from time to time.

Not only do I love Missouri Valley FCU, my friends do as well. Three of my friends have opened accounts at the credit union.

Thank you, staff of Missouri Valley FCU!!

Gregory D.

Member Since 2017


Missouri Valley Federal Credit Union goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service. Since becoming a member last month, I have already spoken with four people who are willing to become members of Missouri Valley Federal Credit Union based on my experience. MOVFCU is #1 in St. Charles, County.

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