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Access your funds more quickly with a Visa® debit card — free with any Missouri Valley checking account. You'll make purchases with ease online or at the store, in one simple swipe.

You won't have to worry about carrying cash, or remembering your checkbook — your debit card is a faster, easier, and safer way to make transactions. And you'll still have access to your funds via ATMs nationwide.

Find out more about CardValet today.

  • Free with any Missouri Valley checking account
  • Make purchases with one, easy swipe
  • Funds deduct automatically from your checking
  • Safer and easier than writing a check or carrying cash
  • Withdraw cash at ATMs, 24/7
  • Access to over 28,000 surcharge-free CO-OP ATMs nationwide
  • Personalized PIN
  • Visa is accepted worldwide

Toll Free Number for Card Activation/PIN Selection & Change: 1-800-567-3451

Toll Free Number for our card & fraud monitoring program, Falcon: 1-877-253-8807

Please review our Member Service Agreement and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for more information regarding our card services. Membership Disclosures and Privacy Policy