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As part of our normal safety practices, MOVFCU monitors your credit and debit accounts for suspicious activity. If we believe that your accounts have been compromised — either because of out-of-state activity or high-dollar purchases — your transactions may be declined until we can confirm that the charges are yours.

We recently added an extra layer of security to our fraud prevention services

If a suspicious transaction occurs, you may receive an automated call from our Fraud Detection Center. This service allows you to validate legitimate transactions and avoid potential account restrictions. The call will ask you to confirm (not enter) the last four digits on your debit card, enter your zip code and validate a suspicious transaction.

Please be assured that this is a legitimate call, not phishing. We will NOT ask for your member account number, PIN number, passwords, social security number or any other private financial information. However, if you have questions, please contact the credit union directly at (636) 978-8800.

*With plastic card and online fraud continuing to increase drastically, Missouri Valley FCU is committed to protecting your account. Therefore, the Credit Union may occasionally need to take immediate action to block particular merchants, merchant types or countries. If you would like to learn more about the various forms of fraud, please visit Member Education.