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MOVFCU monitors your credit and debit accounts for suspicious activity, using Falcon, a fraud detection tool. If we believe that your accounts have been compromised — often because of out-of-state/country activity or high-dollar purchases — your transactions may be declined until we can confirm that the charges are yours.

If a suspicious transaction occurs, you may receive an automated call from Falcon. If you prefer, you may contact the credit union to enroll in text and/or email alerts. Falcon may ask you for information to verify your identity prior to discussing transactions. Please note that Falcon will NOT ask for your member account number, PIN number, passwords, full social security number or any other private financial information.

If you have questions regarding our fraud monitoring service, please contact the credit union directly at (636) 978-8800.

Falcon Toll Free Number: 1-877-253-8807


Do I have to enroll in card monitoring?

No. Falcon monitors all Missouri Valley FCU credit and debit cards for suspicious activity. 

Do I still need to monitor my account since the Falcon service is in place?

Yes. Cardholders should still review account transactions for suspicious or unauthorized transactions that the Falcon monitoring system may not detect. 

How will I be notified if a transaction is considered suspicious or fraudlent?

If suspicious or fraudulent activity is detected, Falcon will contact cardholders using the primary telephone number(s) on file. If there is no answer, a represenative from Falcon will attempt to leave a message requesting a call back. If you miss the phone call, you can contact the Falcon call center at 1-877-253-8807, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Please have your case number available. 

What happens if fraud occurs?

Once a cardholder confirms the transaction(s) as fraud with Falcon, the card will be closed and the cardholder must contact the credit union to have a new card reissued. Transaction(s) that have been processed will need to be disputed by contacting a credit union represenative. 

What types of transactions may be considered suspicious or fraudulent?

Falcon monitors and analyzes transactions and assigns a rating or "score" to the transaction. Based on your normal spending patterns, if a questionable transaction is detected on your Missouri Valley FCU card, Falcon will contact you to verify the transaction(s). In some cases, the transaction may have a high score prompting the transaction be declined at the point of purchase. Transactions that are not declined may need additional follow up if confirmed fraud. Please contact the credit union regarding dispute processing. 

What steps can I take to protect my account and card? 

Missouri Valley FCU encourages all members to frequently review account activity via home and mobile banking services. MOVFCU cardholders also have access to the CardValet app. If you need assistance with accessing your account electronically, please contact a credit union represenative by phone during business hours. 


*With plastic card and online fraud continuing to increase drastically, Missouri Valley FCU is committed to protecting your account. Therefore, the Credit Union may occasionally need to take immediate action to block particular merchants, merchant types or countries. If you would like to learn more about the various forms of fraud, please visit Member Education.