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Want to pay someone back or send money to a friend or relative? P2P makes it easy!! Just log into your online banking and use P2P within our Bill Pay program to make payments to individuals directly from your checking or savings.

It's the convenient way to send money — all you need is basic information about the recipient, such as their e-mail address or mobile phone number. You can then send and receive money without exchanging private account information

  • Easy, person-to-person payments
  • Send money from your checking or savings account
  • Available to members who:
  • Utilizes online banking portal
  • Send notification to contacts via email or text
  • Minimal information required:
    • Recipient's name
    • Recipient's email address or mobile phone number
  • No need to exchange private account information
  • Save valuable time — no trips to the bank necessary

Use P2P payments to:

  • Send money to your child at college
  • Send a gift to family and friends
  • Pay back friends for a fun outing
  • Pay your babysitter or lawn care service
  • Pay rent to your landlord or roommates
  • And much more!