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A faster, safer way to pay...on the GO!

Make life easier with our Digital Wallet options, now available for your Missouri Valley Federal Credit Union (MOVFCU) Visa® debit and credit card. Offering secure, quick and touch-free payments online or in stores with your mobile device. Best part! You get all of those benefits plus peace of mind that your payment information is never shared with merchants or stored on your device.

We have partnered with the three leading mobile wallet apps: Apple Pay,® Google Pay,™ and Samsung Pay!®
Activation is easy! You will need your physical card and compatiable device. Follow the propmts within the digital wallet app and begin making purchases in-person, online, or in an app without swiping your actual card.

Are Digital Wallets Really safe & secure? How exactly do they work?

Yes! A digital wallet creates a digital card number, also known as a token to replace your traditional 16-digit card/account number found on your physical debit or credit card. This number is securely stored on your device and used to make purchases. The device must be protected in the same manner as your card.  The good news is, your card numbers are not stored on the device or on any servers, to help reduce the potential for fraud. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Credit Union user identification, User ID and passwords associated with the activated device, and other means you may from time to time have to access for any of your Payment Cards. You should keep your supported device and these credentials secure in the same manner as you would keep your cash, checks, credit cards and debit cards and other personal identification numbers and passwords secure. You still enjoy all the benefits of your MOVFCU debit and credit card(s), including the protections in place to help safeguard you from unauthorized purchases as outlined in your Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement.

How will I know if my digital account is being used?

You can make selections within the app to choose a default card and more! We encourage members to review their account regularly and offer different methods for notification of transactions on your accounts such as our online banking alerts. We also offer CardValet, a great tool to help monitor and update your MOVFCU debit and credit card(s). 

Can I have more than one digital wallet?

Absolutely! As long as you have access to that app solution on your phone or device, simply register your card(s) with your preferred wallet and begin taking advantage of all of the benefits!

Is there a cost for using a digital wallet?

No. This solution is offered at no cost to members with an active MOVFCU debit and/or credit card. 

When my card expires, do I have to create a new token in the digital wallet?

If the card is a renewal card that happens at the scheduled renewal time due to expiring, you should not have to recreate the card in the digital wallet. Simply update your digital card information as prompted within the wallet app. 

Can I remove my digital account number stored on my devices or opt-out?

You can easily delete the digital account information from your device and/or opt out at any time.  Simply remove the digital account information from your wallet by opening the wallet app, tapping the card you wish to delete, then tapping the three dots at the top right-hand corner of the device > following the prompts to go thru the process. 

What if my device is lost or stolen?

It is important to contact the Credit Union right away! Since your mobile device can be used just like your physical card to make purchases, you must notify the Credit Union in the event your mobile device is lost or stolen with the same urgency as if your actual physical card is lost or stolen. Need to report your card lost or stolen? Click here!

Will transactions look like my other transactions in my account history or different? What about receipts?

You will find that transactions using a digital wallet look similar to any other debit or credit card transaction in online and mobile banking, as well as on your monthly account statement. 

Merchant receipts should look the way they always have, however, the last four of your digital account will be displayed rather than your the last digits of your actual card number. 

How do I know where I can use my digital wallet?

To date, there are presently more than 225,000 stores and apps participating in digital forms of payment. Look for the digital payment logos at payment terminals in store or at checkout online. If you aren't sure if a merchant or vendor accepts digital payments, we encourage you to visit their website or location for more details about their payment solutions. 

More questions about digital wallets and card tokenization? Let's connect! 

Activation and set up are completed within your preferred digital wallet. Need assistance with setting up your card(s)? We're here to help!

Debit Cards: 1-844-646-5465   |   Credit Cards: 1-844-646-5467 


*Apple, the Apple logo and Apple Pay are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Google Play is a trademark of Google LLC. Samsung Pay is only compatible with select cards, carriers, and Samsung devices. Please visit: for compatibility. Samsung and Samsung Pay are trademarks or registered trademarks of Samsung electronics co., Ltd.