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Make your loan payment… Anytime, Anywhere with MOVFCU’s alternative payment options.

We know your time is valuable, which is why we are bringing you additional payment options. Please remember consumer loan payments made from a MOVFCU account are completely free and simple to make using our online or mobile banking…you may also use our Expressline audio teller. If you are not enrolled in our online or mobile banking, or would like to setup a MOVFCU checking account, please call 636-978-8800 or toll free at 1-800-578-2187. You may also inquire online or visit the branch to make changes to your account.

To make your loan payment(s) from accounts at another financial institution, or with a credit union or bank card, we also offer the following options:

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Consumer Loan Payment

To use this self-service option, you’ll need to register, create an account and agree to the terms and conditions provided. To register an account and make a payment, you’ll need the primary member account number, and primary members date of birth and the last four digits of their Social Security number. There is a $5.00 convenience charge for this service.*


*Missouri Valley FCU is partnered with SWBC to offer external payment solutions for our consumer loans. 

First Mortgage Loan Payment

To use this self-service option with our servicing partner, you'll need to register, create an account and agree to the terms and conditions provided.* To register an account and make your mortgage payment, you'll need your Mortgage Number - please note this number is different than your Member Account Number with Missouri Valley FCU. There is no service charge for using this service. 


PAY BY PHONE: 1.877.912.8006

Your mortgage payment may be mailed to:

P.O. Box 341262
Beavercreek, Ohio 45434-1262

*Missouri Valley FCU is partnered with myCUmortgage to service our first mortgage solutions. Alternative payment options are available. Learn more HERE.

Recurring ACH Payment

Consumer Loan Payment: If you wish to set up a recurring payment for your consumer loan from an account at another financial institution, please complete the ACH authorization document found HERE.

Mortgage Loan Payment: If you would like to schedule a recurring payment for your MOVFCU Mortgage payment, the authorization may be found HERE.

You may contact the credit union by phone, or email at: [email protected] if you need additional assistance with setting up a consumer loan or mortgage payment by ACH or accessing our online web payment solutions. 

Consumer Loans: 636-978-8800 or toll free at 1-800-578-2187

Mortgage Loans: 1-877-912-8006


Q: What types of loans can I pay?

You can make payments on consumer loans, including: auto, home equity/HELOCs, personal loans, lines of credit, and motorcycle/boat/RV loans by clicking HERE

To make a credit card payment, please log into home banking and click the credit card hyperlink to access our OA site. Access will allow you to schedule a onetime or recurring payment, but also review credit card statements, request a balance transfer and so much more!

Would you like to make a MOVFCU first mortgage payment? Click here!

Q: Why is there a convenience charge?

While we strive to bring our members free services and account options, MOVFCU incurs expenses for processing consumer loan payments from accounts at other financial institutions.

Credit Card and Mortgage Loans do not have a convernience charge to process payments online or by phone. 

What are the charges?

The convenience charge for using the self-service web portal is $5.00 for consumer loans. If a MOVFCU Member Service representative processes the payment by phone, the fee is $10.00. Phone payments may only be completed during business hours, M-F.

A recurring payment can be set up by a representative, or by completing the form online at no additional charge.

*First Mortgages and Credit Card payments do not incur a service charge for making payment(s) online. 

Q: How can I get around paying the convenience charge?

Being a member of MOVFCU offers a number of benefits! We encourage you to make MOVFCU your primary financial institution by setting up a checking account, enrolling in online & mobile banking. If you do not wish to set up a checking account, you may set up your MOVFCU loan as a bill through your current Bill Pay program, set up a direct deposit to your primary savings, or request a recurring payment with a Member Service representative.

Q: What do I need to make my payment?

To schedule a payment online for a consumer or mortgage loan, you’ll need your member number, your date of birth and the last four digits of your Social Security number. If you do not know your member account or mortgage number, please contact a Member Service Representative for assistance.

To make a consumer loan payment by phone with a Member Service Representative, you’ll need your MOVFCU member number and/or Social Security number.

Q: What do I need for the Web Portal?

Consumer Loan: To pay online, please click here and set up an account for the online payment system. If you can’t remember your username, you may need to re-register. A forgotten password may be recovered by using the forgot password option found here.  

Mortgage Loan: To pay online, please click here and register for an account with our online mortgage payment system. If you have alreaady registered and can’t remember your username or password, please use the forgot password or username options located under "Access my Mortgage".

Our online payment web portals are administered by our servicing partners: SWBC and myCUmortgage.

Q: When will payments post?

Consumer loan payments will be posted to your account within two business days.

First mortgage payments will be posted to your mortgage loan within one business day. 

Q: Can I payoff my loan through the online or automated phone service?

Consumer loan payoff: You can pay off your consumer loan by calling MOVFCU, or in person at a branch. Fees may apply for pay-by-phone transactions. Payoff's using our online portal are permitted when the transaction amount is less than $750.00.

Mortgage loan payoff: Please contact our servicing partner, myCUmortgage for first mortgage payoff requests and information. For Home Equity loan payoff information, please contact a MOVFCU Team Member.

Q: Can I pay less than the minimum?

The Web Portal and pay-by-phone will accept less than the minimum payment due. Consumer loan payments are limited to $750.00 or less per transaction. If you are past due on your loan(s), you’ll need to contact our Member Solutions department to see if you are eligible to make a payment by phone, or visit the branch to get your loan back in good standing.

Credit Card and Mortgage loan payments do not have the same restrictions. 

Q: How will I know my transaction was successful?

For web portal payments, you will receive an emailed confirmation letter. For pay-by-phone payments, you will be provided your payment tracking number; be sure to write it down as it is provided to you.

Q: What if I need to dispute a payment?

Please contact your external account’s financial institution to submit a dispute to your account.



There is not a service charge to make a payment(s) to a Missouri Valley Federal Credit Union (MOVFCU) Credit Card or Mortgage loan using the online options listed above. A service charge may be charged for consumer loan payment(s) using our partnership thru SWBC, a.k.a. Bacon Pay for online and/or telephone payments via ACH or debit card. To avoid a service charge, please contact a Credit Union team member to discuss alternative payment options available to you.